Yükselen Çağ Workplace Seminars
These programs are aimed at improving the quality of life for employees and offer very effective solutions.
The programs educate employees on the importance of Wellbeing and offer guidance on how to apply its principles to their daily lives.
They guide them in achieving balance in their Mind, Body and Soul, thus helping build an ideal work environment for all.
With a balance of intellectual education and learning through practical experience, our programs cover a wide variety of topics in Wellbeing.
By aiming for health in Mind, Body and Soul, long-term happiness and the mission of productivity become more valuable in the company culture.
Stress Management


As we move away from nature with modern life, our stress levels also increase. Is the only solution to leave the city and move to a beach town? Definitely not.

We bring you The World’s most effective Stress Management Systems preferred by global companies like Google, AOL, PricewaterhouseCoopers, HP, P&G, Philips, Apple, Shell, Deutsche Bank and others. They use these systems for their employees, beginning with their upper level management.

These techniques can easily be incorporated into your employees’ daily routines and can be used anywhere and at any time as needed. The aim is to;

  • Increase vitality and wellbeing in the office
  • Increase general productivity
  • Increase work satisfaction among employees.
  • Increase work speed and capacity by improving focus.

Mindfulness has been shown among institutions such as Harvard, Yale and MIT to be the easiest and most effective way to regulate stress, reach a calm mind and to achieve inner peace.

Meditation and Ancient Breathing Techniques Programs, you can use the principles of balanced living to reach comfort and peace.

Total Wellbeing


The international research organization, Gallup, made a global enquiry into "Total Wellbeing" that took place in 150 countries, and led to the conclusions that there are five main criteria and a series of basic needs that result from them that contribute to the main sources of happiness in people’s lives.

In this talk and seminar, we examine these basic needs as they contribute to the "Total Wellbeing" as related to "Work-Life Balance".

  • Career Wellbeing
  • Social Wellbeing
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Community Wellbeing

We need to find balance within our needs in the areas of career, social lives, financial means, physical health and our communities, in order to live in a happy and healthy manner.

Breathing for daily life


Did you know that you can significantly ease the flow of life during a tense meeting, or a day of frantically running around, by using breathing techniques?

Ancient Breathing Techniques are exercises that humankind have used for millennia to reach and protect balance in the Mind, Body and Soul.

We can use these techniques to calm, balance, purify and revitalize our bodies and minds. It is quite easy to become skilled in these techniques and their effects will be felt from the moment you begin to use them.

The regular practice of ancient breathing techniques has benefits like expanding our consciousness, mind and body detox, stress management, improving focus, stimulating the nervous system and helping it run effectively, acting as an antidote to depression and anxiety, increasing bravery and self-confidence, cooling the body against hot flashes, and healing asthma.

Ancient Breathing Techniques are among the world’s most effective stress management methods and we present these techniques to your employees in closed and outdoor locations in an entertaining way.

Stres Yönetimi


Great leaders who lead by their lifestyle, vision, creativity and skills in organization, allow for their team to move with them and to create opportunities from the obstacles that they encounter.

Learn how to get in touch with the silent Leader within you and increase the success of your team.

The "Creative Leadership" packets contain modules that include stress management techniques for leaders, and ways to find inspiration and sources of strength within.

Leadership is not using strength, but rather making others strong.

Stres Yönetimi


Did you know that you could improve your quality of life in a significant and long-term way by adding very basic habits to your daily routine?

By making mindful choices in your daily life, you will discover in this program how easy it is to improve your general health and vitality.

Meet the formulas that will allow for you to spark your creativity, increase your productivity, and find balance in your personal and work life while eating a healthy salad or sandwich or sipping at your warm soup during your lunch break.

Stres Yönetimi


Detox is a suggested period of purification for the Body, Mind and Soul.

You don’t need to go to centers that are far from the city in order to begin Detox. Detox is not just a diet or method of nutrition that requires a limiting or heavy discipline. Detox can be used to reach happiness and health if it is applied simultaneously to the Mind, Body and Soul.

You can purify your entire body from toxins during your work day by using detox models that take 15 minutes and stimulate the different parts of your being.