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Chopra Meditation with Ebru Şinik
Learn Meditation with Ebru Şinik

Under the Leadership of Ebru Şinik, our Country’s first and only Instructor in Ayurveda from the Chopra Center Meditation & Ayurveda Programs, We Take a Step Towards a Better and Happier Life.

The Meditation Seminars, organized by Yükselen Çağ and created with the aim of Improving Quality of Life are carried out one of the Chopra Center Ayurveda and Meditation Instructors Ebru Şinik, and take place once a month on a Sunday between 11.00-18.30 at the Hilton Garden Inn Golden Horn Hotel.
The Primordial Sounds Meditation Seminars are limited to at most 15 participants and are carried out in a comfortable classroom environment.
During these seminars, we follow a curriculum that is a balanced combination of both intellectual learning and practical experience.
The education program consists of 4 different lessons carried out over a total of 7 hours in a single day. During the lessons, participants are taught about the basic principles of meditation and the ways of its practice. Additionally, they learn how people who practice regular meditation reach a higher State of Consciousness.
Participants are also taught very powerful primordial sound mantra as part of the curriculum. The practical component of this course includes Group Meditation.

Yukselen Cag Primordial Sounds & Mantras
Primordial Sounds & Mantras
Even though meditation is not strictly an intellectual exercise, the fact that our mind can understand the process of this technique and its effects from a scientific point of view and believe in its value, is very important to the regular application of this practice.
There are hundreds of meditation techniques all over the world like Visual Meditation, Sound Meditation, Energy Meditation, Sensory Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Chanting Meditation and Body-Mind Meditation.
At the Chopra Center, We practice and recommend the Mantra technique as a first choice.
The first reason for this is that globally-recognized and respected scientific Institutions have carried out clinical research to study how meditation affects brain neuroplasticity, and the only form of meditation that has been proven to have an impact so far is the mantra technique.