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Meditation, Wellbeing

The Meditation Seminars, which are organized by Yükselen Çağ with the aim of "Improving Quality of Life" are carried out under the leadership of Chopra Center Ayurveda and Meditation Instructor Ebru Şinik.

"The Primordial Sounds Meditation is recommended for anyone who wants to reach a deep calm and serene mind, and to take the reins of fate into their hands."
Yukselen Cag Meditation
Ebru Şinik

The Primordial Sounds Meditation Seminars are a program with a curriculum that is a balance of both intellectual learning and practical experience. They are practiced in a relaxed environment and are limited to at most 15 participants.

The education program consists of 4 different lessons carried out over a total of 7 hours in a single day. During the lessons, participants are taught about the basic principles of Meditation and the ways of its practice. Additionally, they learn the basics of Higher States of Consciousness, which one can reach with a regular Meditation. Participants are also taught very powerful primordial mantra as part of the curriculum. The practical component of this course includes Group Meditation.

  • Seminar Topic Headings - Training Duration: 7 Hours

  • What is Meditation?
  • By using meditation, which has been called "Antidote for Stress and Premature Aging" how can we protect ourselves from stress-related illnesses that have become more widespread in this age?
  • According to scientific and clinical research carried out by important academic institutions like Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University, what are the proven benefits of Meditation on the health of Body, Mind and Soul?
  • What are Mantra and GAP?
  • How is Meditation practiced? How should one sit during Meditation? Where, when and how much should Meditation be practiced?
  • Becoming an expert of intention: How should we do our intentions before Meditation?
  • Suggestions on how to easily make Meditation a part of your daily life.
  • What is Yoga? How is it related to Meditation?
  • What is the importance of mindful decision-making in our lives? How are mindful decisions made?
  • What are the layers of life? How many natures does humankind have?
  • The discovery of "Higher States of Consciousness" that can be reached as a result of regular Meditation
  • Group Meditation Practice

You only need to attend this seminar once in your life in order to learn the technique of Meditating with a very powerful primordial mantra, which you can use anywhere and at any time. Participants also receive a Chopra Center Certificate.
Certificate of completion meditation