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Do your employees have trouble with focusing, finding solutions, communication and company spirit because of stress and uncertainty?
Have your company costs risen as a result of your employees feeling fatigued, experiencing chronic pain, sleeplessness and nervousness as a result of modern life and disordered eating habits?
Would you like to make your employees more productive and successful and get a better ROI by giving them inspiration and motivation through Wellbeing Programs?

Offered as 30 and 90 minute sessions, the seminars are focused on "Stress Management, Energy, Creativity and Increasing Productivity through Wellbeing Programs" and "increasing Vitality". These education programs are designed to fit into a busy work schedule and are taught as a balance of intellectual and practical methods.

Wellbeing Seminars
Work & Life Balance
Wellbeing Seminars
Ebru Şinik | Yükselen Çağ
These seminars are carried out under the leadership of Ebru Şinik who is Turkey’s only instructor from the Chopra Center both main Programs Meditation and Ayurveda, which is one of the world leaders in the Mind & Body Medicine and Holistic Health Field. These seminars which focus on Total Wellbeing, Holistic Health, Mindfulness and Balance are created with the purpose of increasing quality of life and providing effective solutions.
It is enough to attend these seminars only once in your life to gain skills that you can use anywhere and at any time to pursue a healthier and more peaceful work and personal life experience.
In addition to all Corporate Training programs customized programs can be prepared to suit a company’s particular needs.

To learn more about the Standard Corporate Training and Customized Programs, please get in touch with Yükselen Çağ Representatives.

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