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Dosha Types
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Dosha Types
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With the knowledge of the basic principles of Ayurvedic Life, you can take the "Dosha Questionnaire" to learn your Ayurvedic Body & Mind Constitution. Using the appropriate advice and suggestions for your nature, you can improve your quality of life.
When the health of our body and mind improves, we start to live a happier life. We find harmony in our environment, the people in it, in our own bodies and our organs.

Body Balancing Ayurvedic Life Knowledge
By learning the physical and intellectual characteristics of the three main Nature types, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, we can discover both our own natures and that of the people we love, the people we are close to in our private and work lives, and adjust our days accordingly.
When cooking for our children or loved ones, we can create menus that are customized for their body type and make the right decisions when picking fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, dairy products, animal products, sweets, fats and all other food groups.
We can protect both our own health and the health of our loved ones.
Additionally, we can make informed choices in massage and aromatherapy applications for our particular Nature to reach physical and intellectual happiness.
According to Ayurvedic Medicine, agni, which is the digestive power is the first and most important indicator of our health.
Mankind can use their 5 senses, made up of the Skin, Ears, Eyes, Tongue and Nose, to balance their natures and heal.
By learning about our Dosha type, we can show care to our digestive system, which is our body’s second brain. Thus, we can prevent the formation of toxins and make dietary choices that will positively impact our entire health.