Ancient Breathing Techniques | Yükselen Çağ
Pranayama Breathing with Ebru Şinik
Learn Breathing with Chopra Center Perfect Health and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor Ebru Şinik
The regular practice of ancient breathing techniques has benefits like expanding our consciousness, mind and body detox, stress management, improving focus, stimulating the nervous system and helping it run effectively, increasing metabolism and aiding weight loss, increasing energy, acting as an antidote to depression and anxiety, increasing bravery and self-confidence, cooling the body against hot flashes, improving focus and healing asthma. It also helps the regulation of the digestive system, the thyroid and prostate, improves vocal cords, creates a natural botox for the complexion, and heals the body against tumors.

According to Ayurveda, which is an ancient system of preventive medicine, people can use their 5 senses to heal themselves. The ancient breathing system called Pranayama is the technique that gives the most powerful and miraculous results.

You need to attend this seminar only once in order to learn the Pranayama Technique and how to make it a part of your daily routine. These monthly 3-hour seminars are open to all levels of experience. This is the first time that the 10 main Ancient Breathing Technique Practices contraindications and detailed information about how Pranayama supports modern medicine in healing are available in Turkey.