Ancient Breathing Techniques School | Yükselen Çağ
Learn About Pranayama
Pranayama Breathing with Ebru Şinik
You need to attend the seminar only once in order to learn the Pranayama Techniques and how to make it a part of your daily routine. These monthly 3 Hours Seminar are open to all levels of experience.
They are the first time that the 10 Main Ancient Breathing Technique Practices, contraindications and information about how Pranayama supports modern medicine in healing are available in Turkey.

With this training, you will easily learn the 10 Main Ancient Breathing Technique Practices, will be able to make them a part of your daily routine, and will experience the following positive impacts on your life:

Physical and Mental Detox
Antidote for Stress
Cooling effect for Hot Flashes
Speeds up the Metabolism
Promote Weight Loss
Increases Energy
Increases Concentration
Regulates Digestive System
Regulates the Thyroid
Massages the Prostate
Has Anti-Depressant Properties
Gives Courage
Increases Self-Confidence
Increases Elasticity in Veins and Muscles
Makes Voice Stronger and Nicer
Relaxes the Mind
Increases Mindfulness
Stimulates the Thymus Gland
Has a Healing Effect on Asthma
Acts as a Natural Botox
Healing Against Various Types of Tumor Growth