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Pranayama, Wellbeing

The Ancient Breathing Techniques Seminars, organized by Yükselen Çağ with the aim of "Taking a Step towards a Healthier Life" are carried out under the leadership of Chopra Center Perfect Health and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor Ebru Şinik.

"Ancient Breathing Techniques are healing exercises that allow us to easily experience life in the present moment, and enable us to free our minds."
Yukselen Cag Ancient Breathing Techniques Seminars
Perfect Health Instructor Ebru Şinik

According to Ayurveda, which is an ancient system of preventive medicine, people can use their 5 senses to heal themselves. The ancient breathing system called Pranayama is the technique that gives the most powerful and miraculous results.

You need to attend this seminar only once in order to learn the Pranayama Technique and how to make it a part of your daily routine. These monthly 3-hour seminars are open to all levels of experience. This is the first time that the 10 main Ancient Breathing Technique Practices contraindications and detailed information about how Pranayama supports modern medicine in healing are available in Turkey.

  • Seminar Topic Headings Training Duration: 3 Hours

  • 4-7-8

A Certificate of Participation from the Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Center (The name of the participant will be written by a special calligrapher)
The summarized notes of the topics studied during the seminar
The DVD of the complete seminar and slides | Yükselen Çağ - Ebru Şinik
A foot support unit (that is also used during the Seminar
Yukselen Cag Nefes Seminerleri
Yukselen Cag Nefes Seminerleri