The Story of Our Ayurvedic Products
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Against the Stress of Work Life; Pitta, Vata and Kapha!

Our "Yükselen Çağ" branded product line was born out of the demand that arose following the Ayurveda Seminars and private Ayurvedic Consultation Sessions held by Ebru Şinik, when a lot of participants approached us with questions on where to acquire the suggested Body & Mind balancing products, given that most of them could not be found in Turkey.
I had the habit of bringing gifts of dosha-specific body moisturizers, massage oils, aromatic roll-ons, bath products and other items on my visits to America and UK, for both my own use and for my advisee. While these kinds of products made an improvement in quality of life, I could not guarantee their supply, so finally I decided to take the initiative to begin producing these products myself.
After performing detailed research for the product formulas with world-famous Ayurveda Centers abroad, I returned to Turkey with fantastic formulas for the items.
After 1,5 years of intense work, we reached the stage where we are proud to present you with the very high-quality Body & Mind balancing Ayurvedic Personal Care Line of Products. The production issues that tired us the most were the supplying of the medical oils imported from India, trade permissions for their import, and finding the right packaging for these oils. It was important to us that there not be a risk of someone accidentally dropping a bottle because of an oil-covered hand, therefore making it unwise to use glass, but then again, the solution had to be as healthy as using glass to store the oils. Our search took us to New York where we located a type of plastic bottle that would not chemically impact the liquid within it, and we imported these highest-grade plastic bottles to Turkey for your use.
Don’t forget, creating a daily routine for your body type and using balancing Ayurvedic products are very effective and practical tools to improve your physical, mental, physchological and emotional health in a long-term way.
Ebru Şinik
Yükselen Çağ has used 100% pure base oils to develop body balancing aroma mixtures that can have a significant contribution to improving physical, mental, physchological health. You may prefer these special products particularly to release the stress of your work life, to relax and revitalize yourself.
Our sense of smell is our fastest connection to our feelings, memories and instincts, and never closes throughout the 24 hours of the day. By stimulating the sense of smell in an informed way, we can create an effect of balance and peacefulness in both our physical and mental bodies.
By using these organic and essential oil-based aromatherapy mixtures, and applying them to your skin as needed throughout the day, you can benefit from the positive impact the smells will have on your mind and body. These aroma mixtures can be easily used everywhere and whenever you want, including at home, at work and when traveling.

Against the Stress of Work Life; Pitta, Vata and Kapha!

The Mini Roll-on products in particular are very practical for using throughout the workday.
PITTA contains a combination of ylang-ylang, lavender, lemon essential oils and based organic jojoba oils, which helps you feel calm, soothes you and cools you when you feel angry, tense, or experience hot flashes.
VATA comes to the rescue on the days during which you are very stressed, feel a lot of pressure or your mind is particularly taxed. The mixture of basil, patchouli, vetiver essential oils and based the organic jojoba oil, has a relaxing, calming and balancing effect.
KAPHA The combination of eucalyptus, clove and rosemary essential oils and based organic jojoba oils has a refreshing effect. It increases energy, makes it easier to breathe and revitalizes you. You can use it like a perfume and smell it, by applying it to places where you can feel your pulse, during moments of sluggishness and lethargy throughout the day.
By creating a daily routine that fits with your dosha type and by using balancing Ayurvedic products, you can make significant improvements to your long-term physical, mental, and physchological health.
Ayurvedic Balance Products
Perfect Health Instructor Ebru Şinik