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Pranayama Ancient Breathing Techniques
Pranayama - Ancient Breathing Techniques
Ancient Breathing Techniques are highly effective exercises used by humankind for millennia to achieve and protect balance for our mind, body and soul. They are methods that allow us to easily experience life in the present moment, enable us to free our minds and heal ourselves in every way.
The Great Masters stated that everybody who wanted to control their minds needed to control their breath first. The use of breathing techniques is recognized as the way of reaching a sense of authentic self through having control over the mind.
Ancient Breathing Techniques have been used to gain control over the mind by various groups of people for thousands of years (The Yogis, The Sufis, The Zen Buddhist Monks, The Shamans, The Martial Arts Masters).
Western Medicine is slowly discovering these techniques and conducting clinical studies to be able to explain their healing effects scientifically.

World-famous doctors and institutions have started to incorporate Ancient Breathing Techniques into their treatment methods, and they are particularly effective with mental and psychological illness, and the healing of stressed, depressed and anxious minds.

There are hundreds of types of Ancient Breathing Techniques. The Yükselen Çağ Ancient Breathing Techniques School focuses on 10 techniques that we feel can be taught to be applied simply and safely to the self.
We can use these techniques to calm, balance, purify and revitalize our bodies and minds. It is quite easy to become skilled in these techniques and their effects will be felt from the moment you begin to use them.
The regular practice of ancient breathing techniques has benefits like expanding our consciousness, mind and body detox, stress management, improving focus, stimulating the nervous system and helping it run effectively, increasing metabolism and aiding weight loss, increasing energy, acting as an antidote to depression and anxiety, increasing bravery and self-confidence, cooling the body against hot flashes, improving focus and healing asthma. It also helps the regulation of the digestive system, the thyroid and prostate, improves vocal cords, creates a natural botox for the complexion, and heals the body against tumors.
After learning these techniques, do we have to change all of our breathing to match these principles?
Our answer to this question is: a definite No!
You can pick one or a few breathing exercises based on your needs and practice for 10-15 minutes every day as part of your daily routine in order to begin experiencing improvements in your quality of life.
It is enough to attend The Ancient Breathing Techniques School Seminars that are organized by Yükselen Çağ once in your life to be able to learn the Ancient Breathing Techniques, and to integrate them into your life. Please click here for details about the seminars.
Pranayama Ancient Breathing Techniques
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