Introduction to Ayurvedic Living
A person cannot be accepted as completely healthy unless all of their bodies are in harmony and in balance.

The Ayurvedic Lifestyle increases our mindfulness, improves our general health, ensuring well-aging, and guides us on the most beneficial dietary choices, exercises and types of aromatherapy. It also improves our general quality of life and thus makes us happier, more peaceful and more satisfied overall.
As an ancient healing system, Ayurveda is a set of basic principles that allow us to live in harmony with nature and to find our sense of inner balance. We should not forget that humankind is a part of nature and therefore is influenced by all that occurs in nature.
Humankind is an expression of the universe and a part of nature, and is therefore guided by all the cycles, rhythms and changes in it. All animals, plants and all that is alive on our earth are guided by these rhythms listed below.
Rhythms of Nature include
The Transformative Power of Daily Routines

Rhythms of Nature include;

  • Circadian Rhythm - 24 hour cycle of night and day
  • Seasonal Rhythm - 12 month cycle of the earth around the sun
  • Lunar Rhythm - Monthly cycle of the moon around the earth
  • Tidal Rhythm - Gravitational influence of the moon on water
Nature moves in recurring cycles of rest and activity. All of these cycles have a significant impact on our physical, mental, and psychological wellbeing.